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Gems From The Old Testiment

3 tape series: Psalm 23, The Lord Is My Shepherd$15.00
Presentation of Levites$5.00
Feast of Unleavened Bread$5.00
Exhortations From Proverbs$5.00
And The Walls Were Built (Nehemiah)$5.00
2 tape series: The Glory Cloud$10.00
2 tape series: Ezekiel's Victory$10.00
God Led Them Not By Way of the Philistines$5.00
Hezekiah's Crisis$5.00
2 tape series: God's Hiding Place$10.00
2 tape series: Feast of the Passover$10.00
2 tape series: Joshua: Called and Equipped$10.00
2 tape series: The Ark of the Covenant$10.00
The Lame Prince$5.00
Possessing the Land$5.00

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